Proud team

Henkel employees around the world continuously demonstrate their great commitment and passion for the company. Our shared values, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and long-term strategic orientation have been shaping the culture at Henkel for more than 140 years. We are very proud of this heritage.

To celebrate “Henkel Day” on September 26, 2016, a broad range of events were organized for our people at Henkel sites around the world – exactly 140 years to the day after Henkel was founded in 1876. Photo and video initiatives on Yammer, our internal social network, team activities and fund-raising events for social projects – these are just some of the numerous ways in which our employees demonstrated their pride in our company’s unique history and the passion they put into bringing our values to life.

Employees looking through huge polaroid frame for 140 years celebration.

In Shanghai, China, where our Asia-Pacific region is headquartered, Jeremy Hunter, President Henkel China, Louise Cheung (left), Head of Corporate Communications Asia-Pacific, and Cynthia Yang, Head of Shared Service Center Shanghai, take a 140 years celebration photo.


We also prepared a digital record of our company’s history to mark its anniversary. It features our most important brands, technologies and innovations, together with the people who have steered the company through the decades.

We asked our people around the world to share their very special Henkel moment with all their colleagues in the form of a video, a photo, or a short written statement. Henkel Day was also a good opportunity for our people to reflect on entrepreneurship as a success factor and to consider what makes Henkel so unique now and into the future. They were encouraged to use their full imagination. Hundreds of statements from our people on inspiration, pride and team spirit were collected in the run-up to the anniversary and published on the Henkel intranet.
For every photo or video submitted, the Fritz Henkel Foundation made a donation to charities worldwide for projects providing equal opportunities in the area of education.

Views of Henkel employees

Whether on their own, in a team or with customers: What has inspired our people, what makes them proud? Here are a few impressions that say a great deal about the positive climate at Henkel: 

Open Slideshow Henkel employees in India exuberantly celebrate Henkel Day 2016 together.

Henkel employees in India exuberantly celebrate Henkel Day 2016 together. From left: Balakumaran Selvam, Rakesh Singh, Ramesh Babu, Sandhip Kumar Jayachandran and Nivas Pandian.

Open Slideshow Germany's gastro team celebrating 140 years of Henkel.

Corporate catering employees at Henkel in Düsseldorf at a photo initiative on Henkel Day 2016. From left: Sven Kornberger, Raymond Wähling, Fatima Klein, Christian Groß, Kai Hölscher.

Open Slideshow Employees in Tunisia show that they are proud to be part of the global Henkel team.

Employees in Tunisia also show that they are proud to be part of the global Henkel team. From left: Cyrine Chaouch, Yasmine Lyamouri, Yessine Ouertani, Yosser Zitoun, Boutheyna Njeh.

Open Slideshow Employees at the Düsseldorf site congratulate Henkel on the company's 140th anniversary.

Employees at the Düsseldorf site congratulate Henkel on the company's 140th anniversary. From left: Marvin Romberg, Daniel Cvijanovic, Iva Jarm, Linda Ohde, Dwitya Umaritomo, Naseer Hazarika, Ines Raulf, Stefanie Fella.

Open Slideshow Diverse employees are taking a selfie for Henkel's 140 years celebration.

The Henkel Day 2016 in Dubai, our headquarters for the Africa/Middle East region. From left: Ömer Özkul, Sarah Michaud, Arcan Murshid, Seba Zein Al Abdin and Linda Dabbagh.



Interview with Dmitrij Chernov

Dmitry Chernov talks about his experiences at Henkel Day 2016 in Russia.




Interview with Zakaria Mhammedi

Zakaria Mhammedi talks about the Henkel Day 2016 in France.


We value, challenge and reward our people

Henkel wants its business activities to create sustainable value. This purpose unites all our employees and is complemented by our corporate values that guide our decisions and our actions. In order to continue to be successful, we want to attract, develop and retain the best talents for Henkel. We offer an inspiring and challenging work environment with a value-oriented leadership style. Our performance culture is founded on continual, open feedback and an appreciation of excellence – rewarded by both attractive remuneration and individual and long-term development opportunities.

We strengthen our global team by consciously fostering diversity and a multi-cultural climate, by dealing with one another in an open and constructive way, and by ensuring the health and safety of our people. This way, we create a motivated and engaged team with individual skills and experiences capable of making a real contribution to our company's success.

We hold regular development meetings and provide honest feedback aligned to fostering the development of each individual employee. In assessing performance, we avoid focusing on employees having to be at a certain place at certain times. What matters to us is results. Our people can organize their work flexibly with the support of digitalization.

At the end of 2016, Henkel employed around 51,350 people worldwide. Around 28 percent of them work at our sites in Western Europe, 20 percent in the Asia-Pacific region, 19 percent in Eastern Europe, 16 percent in North America, 10 percent in Africa/Middle East and 7 percent in Latin America.

The diversity of our people is a key driver of our business success. We increased the share of women in management versus the previous year by more than 1 percentage point to around 34 percent. The proportion of Henkel employees who are women is 33 percent.